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Nicholas Chalmers,
Founder The Worthiness Zone. Maine, Florida, USA
Testimonial from Mr. Boparai. Gaurav helped us during financial turbulent times.
Gaurav helped us during my financial turbulent  times with remedies like stones, Daan  & Vaastu.
Bob Boparai, Musician/Artist
Music : Honey Singh
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Vancouver, Canada
Testimonial for Gaurav Oberoi Astrologer

 ”I know Gaurav Pundit Ji from few years, he is Great person and as soon as I gave him my DOB and time, He created a very perfect astrology chart for me and advised precise information regarding my requirements.  He is very professional in finding solution to my all problems and all the info that he provided was very accurate.  Absolutely, I would recommend him over any other Astrologer.  He is very courteous, very well observing to the position of the stars, accurate and very knowledgeable."  

Anil Shah, Sr. IT Consultant

Somerset, New Jersey

Testimonial for Gaurav Oberoi Astrologer

I would like to Thank Gaurav for helping me in predicting about my Job and Job growth.

Sharad Sharma, Production Supervisor USPL

Somerset, New Jersey

Testimonial for Gaurav Oberoi Astrologer
Hand written Testimonial by Sonam.

Sonam Chhabra, Sr IT Consultant


Testimonial for Gaurav Oberoi Astrologer

Gaurav did a reading for me on my birthday and it was very insightful. I was moved by the depth of 
information Gaurav was able to read from my chart. He has a great deal of 
astrology knowledge and a wonderful way of expressing that knowledge when he 
does a reading. Weeks after the reading I continue to reflect and grow from 
what was shared. I would recommend Divine Light Astrology for anyone who
considers having an astrology reading.

As the name indicates, Divine Light reaches for the light, not for the sake of answers, 
but to create a balance and better understanding of what it's like to understand 
in all directions with charted influences. To sum it up, he’s a gem that I can 
now recommend and continue to make appointments with.

-Neeraj Uppal, Senior SAP Specialist

Seattle, USA

Testimonial for Gaurav Oberoi Astrologer

Gaurav is the cream of the crop when it comes to Astrology. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, personable and knows his stuff.  


I really appreciate his warmth and the comfortability he brings along with him. He convincingly answered with effective reasoning, the questions I had regarding my life’s events.

Gaurav provides a warm and professional space that was fresh and not distracting. Speaks very clearly and makes sure I was understanding the concepts he was sharing.

All in all, he was inspirational, uncannily accurate and kind.


Not that he mentions but I feel he also reads through your aura and the energy radiance that is present along with you, so you get a lot more than Astrology.


I highly recommend him!

-Navish Rampal, Senior IT Consultant.

North Brunswick, NJ

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